My passion for brows and lashing all began with my own personal experience. I struggled with confidence due to my skin problems and would never be seen without makeup.

Like many of us 90’s gals with the skinny brows that just wouldn’t come back, I was on a mission to find a solution. I found microblading!

It changed my life and the way I felt about myself. I knew from the second I left my first appointment, that this is what I was meant to do. I knew I wanted to give other women the feeling that I felt with my new brows! That was also the time when I started getting my lashes done.

To wake up with perfect brows and lashes let me see my skin problems less and love myself more. It was the best thing to ever happen for my confidence issues. And to have the opportunity to do that for someone else….. brings me so much joy in my life!


Lash and Senior Brow Technician


two truths & a lie

- I play guitar

- I am a twin

- I’ve been skydiving