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Sometimes you're just never too sure what path a person will take and, having owned Lash Affair for a year now, admit that  I am no exception .  I have a business background and a huge advocate of customer service, I've learned a lot about lashes and that the application is an absolute art,  and the whole experience has been great.  We've formed a really strong team and have seen some staff go and some great ones join us, we've celebrated birthdays, successful training, and even a baby, not to mention a pandemic. These women that make up the lash family are amazingly kind, supportive and very talented and it wouldn't be the same without them.


When I have some spare time I enjoy spending as much of it as possible outside biking, hiking and golfing; I'm typically at and volunteering for some of the amazing festivals our city hosts and am an avid traveller that cannot wait to plan the next trip.

2 truths & 1 lie:

- I only have one child

- I once returned from an international tri[p with no luggage

- I have been to over 19 countries

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