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Lash Affair is dedicated to custom creating your perfect brows and lashes to frame, balance and compliment your face. A customized set of lash extensions, and brow couture services add symmetry to your face, highlighting your best features, and giving an instant 'face-lift' sans-surgery! 


All Lash Affair staff are not only certified by some of the leading lash & brow education companies in the industry, but they hold multiple certifications, and are a part of on-going education as we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of new techniques, application methods, and elite product development. Lash Affair's emphasis is not only on great results, but on safety, sanitation, and education! With this in mind, our product line is the absolute highest quality available, and is designed for use on, and around the eye area.

Our philosophy with our lash & brow services is a bit different. We want to develop an on-going relationship with you and your eyes. We tailor our lash & brow looks specifically to you, and begin a beauty journey with you from your first appointment. Our services aren't about 'up-keep' but instead about creating full lashes, and brows that are adaptable to you in different times in your life. Changing your lash and brow look through the seasons, and leaving you feeling radiant and confident. 


Our Company

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