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What are PMU brows?

Permanent make up is cosmetic tattooing. This is a semi-permanent procedure that allows you to create, enhance or correct you natural brow shape. Each process involves implanting

 colour pigments  beneath the surface of the skin.

How long will PMU brows last?
There are several factors that determine the longevity of your PMU brows including your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, the type of brow (application) you have, but overall it is anywhere between six months to three years. Most clients come in for the initial session and touchup 8 - 10 weeks later, then schedule a refresh 12 - 18 months later. 
What kinds of PMU brows are there and which is best for me?

We offer three different types, because we're not all wanting the same look so options are a good thing.


Microblading  This application is performed with a small handheld tool to create the appearance of hair strokes and is perfect for someone looking for the most natural looking  brow.  Clients with dry skin often find  that this process lasts for a longer period time than those clients who have oily skin.


Microshading/ Powder Brows   A digital machine similar to a tattoo gun is used to create this look.  Shading can be uniform throughout the brow or fade or increase over the length of the brow.  The end result is similar to a shaded  brow from a brow pencil.  This is a great option for clients who tend to have more oily or mature skin types. This application is more dense and  tends to fade  slower than microblading on oily skin.


Blade & Shade   (Candace’s Signature Brow)

This combination of microblading and microshading gives you the best of both worlds! This brow begins with microblading hair strokes in the front and body of the brow for a very natural look, then transitions into  microshading  through the body to the tail giving you a crisp definition in the tail and arch!

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