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Lots of Followers on Social Media

We had a new client that came in for a fill, she didn't get her lashes from us but needed a fill and thought she would try us out. The tech did the absolute right thing after looking at her lashes which was to let the client know she had some concern for the lashes she came in with and took pictures so she could enlarge the photo and show the client how her original set had been applied incorrectly.

At first the client was a bit skeptical and said she choose the original salon because the tech has a lot of followers on social media and even teaches introductory classes for new lash techs so she assumed this tech was good, probably even better than most in the industry.

When we look at our social media, how many accounts do you follow but have never used their product or service? I think we all have a few, it's absolutely like a wish list for us, seeing what's trending, what options are available etc., or maybe these companies just have really good social media accounts. Not everyone with lots of followers is good at their craft and there are gems out there with only a handful of followers that are absolute superstars. Moral of the story is do your research, ask questions, get referrals.

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